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our work

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about us

"Insightful creativity are DYNAMITE"



Simplicity is not that simple, and a simple thing should give more impact for your audience to get the message. That's why we stay focus in clean, direct and playful design.



From the top of mountain to the undersea. There are nothing can dim our passion in video making. We like to represent the emotion in the result because we know that Audio Visual is the effective media to tell the people about your stories.



As we like an efficiency in doing our works, you can also call us a one stop service company to make your work more efficient. We can gives you an excellent result in offset or digital printing even more in merchandising.




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We are young and happy, and it’s good for you as a client

As a Pablo Picasso says ”Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

We like to stay young, and we like to grow younger. This way we can maintain our creativity that will useful in doing our works. In Jakarta, since 2009 we are supporting a lot of social works from Foreign NGO’s, Local NGO’s, CSR Project, as well as commercial company.


  • Phone: +6285691143855 | +6285694784461 | +628568927071
  • Email:ask@box-breaker.com