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We all are born with creativity, let's work together and release your vibrant idea with us.

Project | Awake Project, Plan Indonesia

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Great free and easy tools to design your needs are everywhere, but to make your design look professional you might need one more step.

Project | Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI), Plan International Indonesia

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Your excellent work deserves a mesmeric way to disseminate.

Project | UNESCO-IOC


Fulfill your tech-savvy and convert it to an immersive experience for your audience

Project | UNESCO-IOC

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Your event journey is adventurous, filled with challenges and exciting moments that lead you to the peak of success.

Project | Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI)

Hi! We are Box Breaker from Jakarta, Indonesia. We have nearly 16 years of experience serving the needs of creativity across NGOs, Government Agencies, UN Agencies, Educational Institutions, and Community-based Movements.

Our Services

IEC Material

The IEC material services we offer deliver essential resources that educate and engage communities in need, providing impactful information and inspiration to support humanitarian efforts.

Video & Animation

Capturing Authentic Stories for Inclusive Narratives through Documentary Video Production.

VR & AR Development

Revolutionizing Education through Immersive AR & VR Development Solutions.

Video Highlight

Restore Project

To alleviate the burden on the community, UNDP, through the Restore Towards COVID-19 Resilience (RESTORE) project, supported the Indonesian government in strengthening the healthcare system and economic recovery. This support was carried out through a program called Sustainable Business, in collaboration with its four partners, focusing on circular economy principles and an inclusive and…

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Introducing Our Guiding Force

Meet the dynamic minds behind our company, guiding our team with their expertise and inspiring us to make a lasting impact in the world of humanitarian creativity.

Saena Sabrina


Tasril Mulyadi

Executive Director

Risky Hidayat

Art Director


Whether you’re curious about services, collaboration, pitching calls, or even a pricelist, we’re here to answer any questions.