Emergency Bags

Preparedness for potential emergency evacuations is paramount, particularly in Indonesia where earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, or disruptions in essential services can occur. Having an evacuation bag readily accessible is crucial. What essential items would you or your family need to endure until rescue or until regular supplies become available if your residence becomes uninhabitable? This concise guide will provide practical packing advice to ensure your readiness.

Disaster Bag Essentials:

  1. Backpack 20L: A durable, compact backpack with ample room to store all your emergency supplies. Its 20-liter capacity ensures you can carry essentials comfortably while on the move.

  2. Flashlight: A reliable LED flashlight with long battery life. It provides bright illumination to navigate through darkness during evacuations or power outages.

  3. Folding Bottle: A collapsible water bottle designed for convenience and space-saving storage. It’s essential for staying hydrated during emergencies when clean water may be scarce.

  4. First Aid Kit: A comprehensive first aid kit containing essential supplies like bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, adhesive tape, tweezers, scissors, and other medical necessities to address minor injuries.

  5. Disposable Face Mask: Disposable face masks to protect against dust, smoke, and airborne contaminants during evacuation or rescue operations. They help maintain respiratory health in emergencies.

  6. Whistle: A loud, compact whistle to attract attention and signal for help in case of being trapped or stranded. Its piercing sound can cut through noise and alert rescuers to your location.

  7. Ziplock Pouch: A waterproof ziplock pouch to store important documents, cash, identification, and other valuables securely. It ensures essential paperwork remains dry and intact, providing vital information during emergencies.

These items are essential for creating a well-prepared disaster bag that can help ensure your safety and survival during unexpected crises.